Kurt Helgesen (right)

Race Director

From Norway and are experienced fancier.

One Loft Race participant (Arctic Loft Norway), experienced agent and responsible for transport of Norwegian pigeons to OLR.

Experienced project manager who will have the overall responsibility for the race.

Sergio Ferreira (middle)

International Promotor

From Portugal, but has lived in Netherland the past 20 years.

Long experience as One Loft Race participant and one of the most experienced international promotors in the OLR sport with a huge network. 

Transporting thousands of pigeons to OLR every year!

Miguel Infante (left)

Loft Manager

From Coria del Rio in Sevilla and lives close to the Sevilla Pigeon Race Loft.

Very experienced fanciers with fantastic results in both Sevilla and the region of Andalucia in Spain. Miguel have an eye for pigeons and will dedicate all his effort and experience to make the race as good as possible.

Together we are the new management of Sevilla Pigeons Race in Spain. 

We are looking forward to give you the best service you can imagine in an OLR.

Best regards 
Kurt, Sergio & Miguel

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Contact info:

Kurt Helgesen

Race Director

M: +47 40543500


Sergio Ferreira

International Promotor

M: +31 611 566 853

E: sergio@sevillapigeonrace

Loft address

Sevilla Pigeon Race

Polígono 16, Plot 358

Los Pencales (Camino Cerro Pad, Dehesa of the King)

Coria of the Rio CP 41100 Sevilla

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