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1. Application:

The race is open for all national and international pigeons, but they must have official rings from their corresponding federation and from the year the race is held.

Special FCI rings are also accepted.


The race is open for people who are not members of any club or federation since all participants automatically will be members of the pigeon club “Club Colombofilo Caura” who organize the Sevilla Pigeons Race.  

Application for the race must be done online at or other links that you get from an agent.


2. Entry fee:

Each team consist of 6 pigeons, 3 active and 3 reserve pigeons.

The price for each team is 450€ which pays for both membership in the club and the 3 active pigeon in the team.  If you lose an active pigeon the first reserve pigeon will automatically be activate and they change status from reserve to active.

Transport cost of the pigeons is not included in the price.


Reserve pigeons count for prizes, ace-, champions league- and lady’s league competitions until the semi-final in Jarilla – 320km. If a team have reserve pigeons left before the semi-final race they must be activated before that race to count for prize money and the other competitions.

Reserve pigeons can’t be transferred over to another team when it is activated.

Activation cost is 150€ per pigeon.


After semi-final, non-activated pigeons can be activated by a third party for 200€. This pigeon will count as an active pigeon for new owner/team and qualify for prize money and all other competitions like ace-, team- and lady’s league competition for the new owner. Previous results before the activation will follow the pigeon. New owner is also entitled for money from a sale of the pigeon. Pigeons can be activated until 18:00 the day before the final race day.


3. Payments:

Info about payments will be published before 10.March.


4. Pigeon Teams:

Pigeons in a team must be listed at follows:

Pigeon 1:     Ring number       Name of pigeon

Pigeon 2:     Ring number       Name of pigeon

Pigeon 3:     Ring number       Name of pigeon

Reserve 1:   Ring number       Name of pigeon

Reserve 2:   Ring number       Name of pigeon

Reserve 3:   Ring number       Name of pigeon

If owner have not given the pigeons any name, the organizer will give the pigeons name.

The are no limitations how many teams a fancier can participate with.

5. Delivery and receival of pigeons:

To be able to handle pigeons in groups the pigeons are divided into batches:


Batch 1:                     1.February to 15.February

Batch 2:                      16.February to 29.February

Batch 3:                      1.March to 15.March

Batch 4:                      16.March to 31.March

Batch 5:                      1.April to 15.April

Batch 6:                      16.April to 30.April

Batch 7:                      1.May to 15.May

Batch 8:                      16.May to 31.May (only for replacement pigeons)


The batches will be treated individually for a certain time until they all will be mixed.

Pigeons that are lost or died before 15.May can be replaced in the period of 16.-31.May with no extra cost except transport cost.


6. Vaccination, quarantine and hospital:

All pigeons must be vaccinated against PMV at least 14 days prior to transport.

A signed vaccination report/certificate must follow the pigeons during transport.


When pigeons arrive the loft location in Sevilla following will happen:

  • The ownership of the pigeons will be transferred to Sevilla Pigeons Race who cover up for all cost related to food, medicine, transport and more.
  • The pigeons will be individually inspected and placed in a quarantine loft who is located at the same place, but is separated from the racing loft
  • When the pigeons have recovered from transport, they will be re-vaccinated
  • After re-vaccination they will stay at the quarantine loft until they are confirmed ok
  • When a pigeon is confirmed ok it will be chipped with a Benzing ring and moved to a section in the racing loft. From this day the pigeons will appear on the loft list.


Pigeons that don’t recover from transport or under any other circumstance get sick or injured during the race is placed in a hospital which is separated from the quarantine and racing loft.

The owner will be notified if pigeons get sick or die.


7. Identity of pigeons:

Identification and origins of pigeons is required.

Pedigrees with ownership card showing at least 3 generations should be sent together with the pigeons. The organizer will keep pedigrees sealed and apart from the loft until after the final race. Loft Management will have no access to the pedigrees before the final race is finished.


To entitle for auction money, pedigree is required.

If the pedigree is not sent with the pigeons it can be sent later. If pedigree is not received before 18:00 the day before final race day, the participant is not entitled to any part of the sale of the pigeon (auction money).  

If there are countries who don’t have ownership cards the organization will add a special card for proofing the identity of the pigeon.

8. Auction

All pigeons arriving from the final race will be sold on online auctions chosen by the organization. Pigeons will be sold in batches of 30 pigeons starting with 1-30, 31-60 and so on.


  • Pigeons that are sold for 100€ or more on the auctions has the following dividend:
    • 50% to the fancier. 10€ per pigeon will be deducted from this amount to cover for pictures and administration
    • 50% to the organization (will cover for auction cost)
  • Pigeons that are sold for less than 100€, all money from the auction goes to the organizer


To be able to achieve a proper price on auction it is highly recommended that the fanciers put effort in sending good pedigrees.


Pigeon auction start prices will be:

No.1 - 50:                           100€

Ace Pigeon 1-10:              100€

No 51 – 100:                        75€

No 101 and down               50€


Pigeons from no 51 and down in the final race and from ace-pigeon no 6 and down can be bought back by the owner for a fixed price of 250€. These pigeons will not enter any auction. To make transparency these pigeons will be visible at the auctions, but as “sold to owner” and will not be possible for any to make bid on.


Auction money will be paid separately from prize money because the payments are done directly to the auction website. The auction website pays the organizer of the OLR in batches and when the organizer got his money for a batch of pigeons, the payments to the owner will be done.

9. Awards:

Awards in the table below is calculated on a basis of 2000 paid/activated pigeons.

2000 paid/activated pigeons x 150€ per pigeon = 150.000€ in total prize money.


10. Price guarantee:

1st price is guaranteed with a minimum of 1200 paid/activated pigeons.

Hot Spot 1 - 3, Sevilla Champions League and Sevilla Lady’s League and all cups and diplomas will be paid/delivered no matter how many pigeons are activated.

All the rest of the prices will be reduced percently if there are less than 2000 paid/activated pigeons.


Example: 1200 paid/active pigeons:

Total prize money:                   90.000€

1st Prize:                                     50.000€

Semi-final:                                Will be percently reduced

Ace Pigeons:                             Will be percently reduced

Hot Spot 1 -3:                           Full prize money according to table (paid accordingly)

Sevilla Champions League:    Full prize money according to table

Sevilla Ladys League:              Full prize money according to table


Less than 1200 active/paid pigeons:

Final Race:                                Will be percently reduced

Semi-final:                                Will be percently reduced

Ace Pigeons:                             Will be percently reduced

Hot Spot 1 -3:                           Full prize money according to table (paid accordingly)

Sevilla Champions League:    Full prize money according to table

Sevilla Ladys League:              Full prize money according to table


11. Confirmation of awards/prize money:

Owners can activate their reserves until the semi-final race. 

A complete list of final prices will be published on the website on the arrival day of semi-final race. 

Hot Spot races 1-3 will be paid fully and accordingly before the next race.

Sevilla Champions League and Lady's League will also be paid full prize money.


12. Control Committee:

Sevilla Pigeons Race will be controlled by a control committee consisting of 3 members from the outside of the organization of Sevilla Pigeons Race.

The committee will have full access to member list, payment status and what is necessary to control the races and decide the awards.

Control committee:

  • President of the committee
  • Member 2 of the committee
  • Member 3 of the committee


After approval of Hot-Spot 1 - 3 the money will be paid to the winners accordingly.

Approval and pay-out should be done before next race is held.

The rest of the competitions will be controlled, and prizes will be paid out after the final race day. All control functions and payments should be done latest until Kassel Fair u\in th end of October.


The control committee will also control the transparency of the final race towards pigeon condition, basket process, transport, release and arrival (result list).


13. Competitions:

Hot-Spot 1, 2 and 3, semi-final and final race.

Winner is the first registered pigeon in the Benzing Club system belonging to the “Club Colombofilo Caura” who is the organizer of Sevilla Pigeons Race.

This should correspond with the “Benzing Live” system, but if of any circumstance there should be a deviation between these systems the clubsystem contains the master results.


Ace Pigeon Competition:

Following races counts for the ace pigeon competition:

  • Zafra 125km
  • Merida 180km
  • Cacerec 240km
  • Jarilla 320km
  • Santovenia 510km


The ace points are calculated after the FCI formula who gives a coefficient for each result.

The lower coefficient the better.

All registered pigeons within the 2nd day at 20:00 counts for ace-pigeon points.



Distance:                                                         320km

Amount of pigeons:                                      1850

Result pigeon A:                                             39th place


Ace points = (place x 1000) / (distance x amount of pigeons)

Ace points for pigeon A =       (39x1000) / (320 x 1850) = 0,06587


Points will be accumulated for each race and the pigeon with the lowest coefficient after final race will win.


Sevilla Champions League – the best team in Sevilla Pigeons Race:

This is an additional team competition all paid teams (450€ per team) automatically is qualified for. That means that all paid teams consisting of 6 pigeons (3 active + 3 reserves) count for the competition. Reserve pigeons also count for points until semi-final.

Reserve pigeons that are not activated by owner before semi-final will not count for the owner from this race. If a pigeon is activated by a third party after the semi-final all previous results for the pigeon will count for the new owner.


Following race counts for this competition:

  • Zafra 125km
  • Merida 180km
  • Cacerec 240km
  • Jarilla 320km
  • Santovenia 510km



Team points:

2 best pigeons in a team in each of the 5 races counts for points.

All pigeons registered within the 2nd day at 20:00 of each race counts for points.


Point formula:

  • The length of the race give points and that means that the longer the race is the more points the pigeons get. 125km = 125 points, 180km = 180 points, 240km = 240 points, 320km = 320 points and 510km = 510 points.
  • Pigeon no 1 get 1 point, Pigeon no 2 get 2 and so on.
  • Amount of pigeons counts also


Formula:             Points = Distance + (Amount of pigeons – Place in the race)



Distance:                                                         240km

Amount of pigeons:                                      1985

Results 2 best pigeons in a team:               7th and 341st place.


Champion League Team points:

CL points pigeon 1    =                            240 + (1985-7)                  =             2212

CL points pigeon 2    =                           240 + (1985-341)              =             1884

Champion League team points:          2212 + 1884                       =             4096 points in this race             


Points from the 2 best pigeons in all 5 counting races will be accumulated and team with the highest score after the final race win the Sevilla Champions League.



Sevilla Lady’s League – only for registered women:

The “Lady’s League is an additional competition for the lady’s.

The only requirement is that the team contains a female name or something related to females and the contact person must be a lady. If this requirement is fulfilled and the team is paid it is automatically a part of “Sevilla Lady’s League”.


Following race counts for this competition:

  • Training 80 km: Release point to be decided
  • Training 90km: Release point to be decided
  • Training 100km: Release point to be decided
  • HotSpot race 1: Zafra 125km
  • HotSpot race 2: Merida 180km
  • HotSpot race 3: Cacerec 240km
  • Semi-final: Jarilla 320km
  • Final race: Santovenia 510km



Best pigeon in a team count for points. Can be different pigeons in each race.

Point formula is the same as for Sevilla Champions League Team Competition, but here are more races and only the first pigeon in a team counts for points.



Distance:                                                         240km

Amount of pigeons:                                      1985

Results 2 best pigeons in a team:               7th place.


Points counting for Lady’s League:

Lady’s League points               =             240 + (1985-7)    =             2212 points from this race


Points from best pigeon in all 8 counting races will be accumulated and the Lady team with the highest score after the final race win the Sevilla Lady’s League.


14. Award ceremony:

There will be held an award ceremony in the evening on the final race day at the “Final Race Party” at the loft after dinner around 21:30. Awards that are not delivered in Sevilla will be distributed in Kassel Fair in Germany in October.


15. Transport of pigeons:

Pigeons will be collected by agents in different countries, but in addition the organizer will organize transport all over Europe:


  • First collection of pigeons will be in Fugare Fair the 8.-9.February.
  • Second collection will be in Houten Spring Fair 28.Feb to 1.March.
  • After Houten there will be collections almost every weekend except the Easter holiday. A specific transport plan will be published.


International Promotor, Sergio Ferreira will coordinate all transport.

Before sending the pigeons, please contact him at:


Mobile:        +31 611 566 853


For those who deliver direct to the loft the submittal address for pigeons will be:


Polígono 16, Parcela 358, Los Pencales  (Camino Cerro de Almohadilla, Dehesa del Rey).

Coria del Rio, C.P.: 41100 Sevilla

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